Why We Don't Put Boat Prices on Our Website

Why We Don't Put Boat Prices on Our Website

Posted by: Mike Zunker on Oct 26, 2017 4:17:00 PM

It's pretty common for people to call or email asking why we don't list our boat prices on our website. While we understand why customers would like to view boat and pontoon prices online, there are some pretty good reasons why we don't, and I'll explain them in this blog post. 

Each of the reasons has to do with MSRP, so I'm going to start off with a quick explanation of what MSRP is. 

What is MSRP?

Why We Don't Put Boat Prices on Our Website

MSRP stands for Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. It's the price each manufacturer recommends their retailers or dealers sell boats and pontoons at. Setting MSRPs is a way for manufacturers to standardize prices across the country.

Also, MSRP does not include things like taxes, dealer preparation, title, licensing, fees, and shipping costs. It only covers the price of the boat or pontoon. 

3 Reasons MIller Marine Doesn't Post Boat Prices Online 

1. Options Make Prices Vary

We don’t put boat prices on our website because options can cause prices to vary. This makes pricing complicated, and often consumers will see a boat at one price without noting the features they would like, which can raise expectations and make the buying experience less pleasant.

2. We Sell Below MSRP

We don’t list boat prices on our website because we price our inventory below MSRP. We don’t feel it’s necessary for us to advertise the MSRP when we sell for less (often $5,000 or more off MSRP) on every boat. We always get our customers the best deal possible because we have the largest inventory around, meaning we can leverage our buying power to get better deals from the manufacturer.

3. Manufacturers Only Allow MSRP to be Posted Online

We don't advertise our actual boat prices online because the manufacturers don't allow dealers to post any price except the MSRP online. Since we sell below MSRP, we can’t place our actual prices online under any circumstances.

Getting Boat Prices from Miller Marine

If you’re curious about boat prices, simply check out our new inventory and used inventory sections. When you find a watercraft you like, click that red “Get Price” link in the listing. This will pull up a form you can fill out, and one of our friendly staff will contact you with boat prices as soon as they can!

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