Why Bennington? Pontoon Boats for Sale at Miller Marine

Why Bennington? Pontoon boats for sale at Miller Marine

Posted by: Tyler Netter on Jul 21, 2017 12:56:00 PM

Miller Marine is proud to be the World's Largest Bennington Pontoon Dealer. We have new Bennington Pontoon boats for sale, along with a wide variety of used Bennington pontoon boats. We definitely stand behind the Bennington brand - here's why. 

Bennington's Brand and Promise

As a brand, Bennington's focus isn't on being the largest, it's on being the best built. Since it was founded in 1997, Bennington has continued this focus on quality, and as a result, their pontoons have become trendsetters in designs that exceed industry standards. Bennington Pontoon boats are well known for superior performance and construction, along with a fantastic warranty. 


Bennington Pontoon boats are well equipped to navigate shallow waters because they ride higher in the water than other brands. Benningtons are further protected in shallow water by the reinforced guides placed at the bottom of the tube. These reinforced guides also improve tracking. Other performance features Bennington owners enjoy are:

  • Improved acceleration
  • High top speeds
  • Stability
  • Reduced surging
  • Soft, quite rides, even in rough water


When it comes to construction, every detail matters to Bennington:

Each and every Bennington is designed, engineered and meticulously hand built with the same level of attention. From our entry level S Series to our flagship QX models; every boat is crafted using the highest quality materials. Whether choosing an ultra-premium vinyl, using stainless steel hardware or scrutinizing the selection of the raw materials - every detail matters! 

-Bennington Marine


Why Bennington? Pontoon Boats for Sale at Miller MarineThe Bennington Pontoon boats for sale that you find at Miller Marine are made to create comfort on the water. From ergonomic seat design to high-quality materials, Bennington seats are engineered for comfort and durability. 

Even the components that passengers don't directly experience are made from quality materials that are built to last. This includes fully-welded aluminum construction. Even the structural materials, down to the bolts and nuts, are specifically chosen to create a stronger, higher quality pontoon. 


All Bennington Pontoon boats are covered by two separate warranties, a lifetime structural and decking warranty and a 10-year bow-to-stern warranty. Our skilled sales staff can lead you through the finer details of both of the warranties Bennington offers on their pontoon boats, and you can also find the warranty details on Bennington's website

As the World's Largest Bennington Pontoon Dealer, Miller Marine is proud to stand behind this brand and carry Bennington Pontoon boats for sale on our show floor. To experience our selection of Bennington Pontoon boats for yourself, and work with one of our fantastic sales staff, make an appointment 

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