What is Covered Under Your Boat Warranty?

What is Covered Under Your Boat Warranty?

Posted by: Bob Wruck on Dec 8, 2017 9:31:00 AM

When it comes to buying a boat, warranties can cause a little bit of confusion. In order to simplify things, I've outlined some of the basic information on boat warranties, used boat warranties, and what you can expect from Miller Marine. 

Boat Warranty Basics

What is covered under your boat warranty?When you're looking at a new Smoker Craft or Starcraft, your warranty options are pretty standard: 

  • 10-year hull warranty
  • Lifetime on the floor
  • Lifetime on the double riveting and seams
  • 6-year warranty on everything else

If you're wondering what "everything else" refers to, it includes things like the boat's upholstery, instruments, gauge components, radio, stereo, etc. Basically, the standard components that come with the boat but aren't the hull, floor, rivets, or seams. 

Additionally, your new boat purchase is going to have a warranty specific to the motor it comes with, and that warranty will be upheld by the motor's manufacturer. For instance, if it's a 115 Yamaha outboard motor, Yamaha is going to carry the warranty. Similarly, if you purchase additional products, like a depth finder, that piece of equipment will have it's own warranty from the manufacturer. If accessories (depth finders) are installed from the factory, they fall under 6-year everything else warranty. Any accessories added after the fact would carry the manufacturer’s warranty only.

What about Used Boats? 

Generally, used boats do not come with warranties. Here at Miller Marine, we have our marine technicians check trade-in boats to ensure they're up to our standard before they're available for purchase.

Anything we can find that needs to be fixed or addressed is taken care of because if we're going to sell a used boat and have our name tied to it, it needs to be up to our standard. We do provide an in-house warranty on used boat motors. We put a 30-day 50/50* warranty on a used boat's motor so that our customers have a chance to test it out on the water. 

*50/50 = 50% parts, 50% labor (we provide a motor only 30-day warranty that covers 50% of the cost of part and labor to fix the motor).

Boat Warranties at Miller Marine

If you have any questions or concerns about boat warranties, know that every member of our sales department can help. We are committed to going over the boat warranty in detail with every customer. We're happy to explain how things work and answer any questions a customer might have. Plus, you don't need to memorize all of your boat warranty details because you'll receive owner's manuals that have the warranty statements inside. 

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