We Have 8 Full-Time Techs Vs. The Industry Standard of 2; Marine Parts Near Me

We Have 8 Full-Time Techs Vs. The Industry Standard of 2

Posted by: Bob Wruck on Sep 6, 2017 3:19:00 PM

Here at Miller Marine, we have dedicated, highly skilled individuals working in every department. We've been making a point to share more about the wonderful people who work here and give our community a bit of an inside look at all things Miller Marine.

Today, I'll be sharing an inside look into the Parts and Service Department at Miller Marine.

Miller Marine's Service Standards

As Parts and Service Manager, I have the privilege of working closely with our eight full-time technicians. These individuals put in the time and effort to help ensure every service performed at Miller Marine is both thorough and efficient.

Our department has three Yamaha Master Techs (there's only eight or so in the entire state of Minnesota), and we have multiple staff who've been with us for over 20 years. Their combined experience and expertise are what help Miller Marine's Parts and Service Department remain one of the largest boat and pontoon service centers in Minnesota.  

We Have 8 Full-Time Techs Vs. The Industry Standard of 2; Marine Parts Near MeHaving eight full-time technicians, when the industry standard is two, gives our Parts and Service Department some distinct advantages.

1. We Can Provide More Service

You know as well as I do that boating season in Minnesota is only so long. If you need parts, service, or general boat maintenance, having to wait can mean days or weeks where you're not spending time out on the water. 

2. We Work as a Team

Sometimes, diagnosing exactly what's wrong with a boat or pontoon can take up the most time. Since we are fully staffed with individuals of varying areas of expertise, there's always someone here who can assist with a diagnosis and keep the process moving along. The teamwork and the way this team supports each other just isn't something you see everywhere.

3. Our Team Members are Valued

Of course, every member of our Parts and Service team is valuable - they're experienced, professional, and committed to their careers. And beyond that, they are valued. Our team members are supported by Miller Marine, and they are given the tools and resources to always do their job well. 

We invest in our service staff because we believe it's worth it. We don't just want them to show up, do work, and go home. We want them to be committed and enthusiastic about their work, well-equipped to meet the growing demands of this industry, and proudly dedicate their time and energy to ensuring our customers receive the best service and general boat maintenance.  

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