We Employ 3 Yamaha Master Techs at Miller Marine

Posted by: Bob Wruck on Jun 15, 2017 10:11:00 AM

With Minnesota being the Land of 10,000 Lakes, and 100s (sometimes 1,000s) of boats and pontoons per lake, there's a lot of need for routine maintenance and superior service. Yamaha Master Techs are an elite group of certified technicians who provide the highest level of service. There are just nine of these technicians within the state of Minnesota, and three of them are employed by Miller Auto and Marine.

Read on to learn about the Yamaha Master Tech Certification and why these technicians are important to Miller Marine

What Are Yamaha Master Technicians? 

"Master Tech Certification is the absolute highest level of training a Yamaha outboard service technician can complete. An elite few achieve this advanced certification. If your Yamaha Outboard dealer features a Certified Master Technician, you’ll know your outboard is receiving a superior level of service."

-Yamaha Outboards Official Website

There are just a handful of Yamaha Master Technicians in the entire United States. Certification requires years of experience, along with a difficult qualifying exam. After certification, Yamaha Master Technicians need to keep up-to-date with training. This includes attending service school every two years to stay current with requirements. If ongoing training isn't upheld, technicians lose their certified status. 

Why are Yamaha Master Techs Important to Miller Marine? 

As a central Minnesota boat dealership, we're known for selling new and used boats and pontoons. In addition, we also offer comprehensive service and maintenance to members of our community and individuals from all over the state of Minnesota. And while it's safe to say everyone wants and deserves quality service for their boats and pontoons, receiving that degree of service isn't a reality at all boat dealerships. 

Providing a Superior Level of Service

In large part, we employ Yamaha Master Techs because we want to provide our customers with a great level of service. When a highly trained and certified technician provides service, you can rest easy knowing your boat or pontoon is in the hands of some of the most capable technicians in the entire United States. And you know as well as I do how big of a deal that truly is. 

Protecting Your Investment

No two ways about it, a boat or pontoon is a big investment. Yes, it's a property investment, but it's also an investment in quality time with friends and family, as well as time spent out on the water. Providing your boat or pontoon with superior service and maintenance is one way you can protect that investment and ensure you get the most out of every gorgeous summer day Minnesota gives us. 

When you want to give your boat or pontoon, yourself, and your family the best service and the best experience, working with Yamaha Master Technicians is a great way to do it. 

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