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Employee Highlight Series: Bob Wruck, Miller Marine Parts and Service Manager

Posted by: Krista Lowery on Aug 10, 2017 3:07:00 PM

Here at Miller Marine, we have some truly amazing staff members who make it possible for us to provide high-quality service, stay involved in our community, and offer a selection of hundreds of fishing boats and pontoons to our customers. That's why we decided to stop keeping them all to ourselves and start our employee highlight series. This time, we're featuring Bob Wruck, Miller Marine's Parts and Service Manager. 

Meet Bob Wruck, Parts and Service Manager

Employee Highlight Series: Bob Wruck, Miller Marine Parts and Service Manager

Bob joined the Miller Marine family back in 2002 as a Salesperson. He then transferred to the Service Department in 2007, beginning his career as a Service Advisor, and he became our Parts and Service Manager in 2012.

Bob attended Alexandria Technical College to become a mechanic, also enrolling in a sales course. This left him uniquely positioned to understand two very important sides of our business. After racking up a few years of experience and deciding his preference was for service, that's where he continues to build his career.

Working for Miller Marine

Bob enjoys the pace of work with Miller Marine. While he works year-round, what he does at work changes with the seasons. During spring and early summer, his focus is on keeping the boats and pontoons of his customers serviced and maintained so they can enjoy as much time on the water as possible.

When it turns to fall, his focus shifts to winterizing boats and pontoons as his customers come off the water and prepare to store their watercrafts for winter. While service appointments definitely slow down during the winter months, Bob stays busy attending boat shows and preparing for warmer weather. 

A Dedicated Team Member

One thing Bob is extremely proud of is his parts and service team. The skills and capabilities of every team member, and the ways that they support each other isn't something you see everywhere. From certified Yamaha Master Techs to individuals who've been with parts and service for 20+ years, everyone's combined experience makes for a really strong team. 

Every member of Bob's 17-person team brings Miller Marine's values into work with them every day. In such a short service season, they do everything they can to get their customers the parts and service they need so they can get back out on the water. Every team member takes pride in their work: 

"The best thing about my job is the amount of volume and the amount of work we put out. It's impressive. It's a proud feeling to be one of the largest dealers in the Midwest, and keeping that reputation means a lot to me."


Outside Working Hours

When he's not working, Bob spends time with his wife and daughter, at their home near St. Stephen, enjoying the outdoors. During the colder months when service appointments lull, Bob enjoys snowmobiling, ice fishing, hunting, and visiting his brother in Texas. 

Thank you, Bob, for all you do! 

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