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6 Reasons to Own a Pontoon Boat

Posted by: Mike Zunker on Nov 15, 2017 12:03:00 PM

Owning a pontoon boat can be a lot of fun. They are excellent for a wide variety of applications, from skiing and tubing to fishing and cruising around the lake. Buying a pontoon boat can be a fantastic decision for any number of reasons. Today, I'm covering the top six reasons the people I know and work with love owning a pontoon boat. 

1. Family Friendly

Pontoon boats for salePontoon boats have plenty of room to fit the whole family. They provide the space to accommodate large groups, and it's easy to move about comfortably. Pontoons can be outfitted with accessories to enhance family fun, like Lilllipad Diving Boards. And after going for a swim, it's easy to get back onboard using a ladder. 

2. Safety

Pontoon boats are flat, making walking from end to end easy, even for small children and elderly passengers. They can be wheelchair and stroller accessible. Unlike boats, which you have to step down into from the dock and climb out of, pontoons allow you to walk flat from the dock to the watercraft. The size and weight of pontoon boats only add to their stability, and the guards that run along pontoon boats are great for keeping the kids on the boat! 

3. Comfort

The premium materials used for pontoon boat interiors provide lots of comforts. Passengers can recline and even sunbathe without getting in everyone else's way. Pontoon boats come with numerous seating options, where you can have large couch areas, loungers, and chairs onboard. You can even get pontoon boats with bathrooms and changing areas. 

4. Easy to Use and Maintain

Because they sit high in the water and high on their trailers, pontoon boats are much less likely to be damaged during use and travel. They also are made of sturdy, resilient materials that are easy to clean. While ski boats need to be toweled off after each use, pontoons don't. Also, the spacious interior makes it easier to move about and clean any special areas. 

5. Skiing and Tubing

When you go skiing and tubing with a ski boat, there's usually no room for the whole party to come along. This means taking additional trips and splitting up the group. Pontoon boats are great for towing skiers and tubers and ensuring your entire group has a great time on the water. Plus, since pontoon boats make getting in and out of the water easier, switching riders goes much faster. 

6. Fishing

While I would definitely recommend a fishing boat for someone who plans to spend the majority of their time with a line in the water, pontoon boats have great versatility for those interested in fishing and other activities. When you fish on a pontoon boat, you can quickly and steadily move to other areas of the watercraft without disrupting your fellow fishers. Plus, the flat bottom of a pontoon doesn't disturb the fish as much. 

If you're considering whether or not a pontoon boat is something you'd like in your future, I hope the reasons I listed above are helpful to you. In order to further help you decide whether or not to buy a boat, and to help you decide which features and options matter most to you, we've put together this free boat checklist.


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