3 Ways Bennington Pontoons Make You Say 'WOW'

3 Ways Bennington Pontoons Make You Say 'WOW'

Posted by: TJ Johnstone on Aug 17, 2017 1:39:00 PM

Being in the sun and on the lake is truly the pinnacle of summer fun. A Bennington pontoon is just the thing to take your summer up a notch. These pontoons are the best in their class in many categories, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re beautiful, too. You can find Bennington pontoon boats for sale at Miller Marine, the largest Bennington pontoon dealer in the world. What better way to kickstart your summer than with a brand-new pontoon? We know they’re great, but do they have the all-important ‘wow’ factor? We think so; let us show you why.


Any pontoon can float – this is a fact. But Bennington pontoons can fly. A variety of factors make Bennington pontoons far more capable than their peers:

  • An underdeck wave shield deflects water from the bottom, reducing surging and providing a soft, enjoyable ride
  • SeaStar hydraulic steering assists you with steering this high horsepower Yamaha engine
  • Lifting strakes and bow lift can help improve speed by 4.8 mph, so we recommend lifting strakes for any Bennington pontoon with an engine greater than 115 hp.


One of the best parts about getting a new boat is making it truly yours. There are tons of different ways in which you can make your new Bennington pontoon custom to you:

  • Multiple different Bennington pontoon series are available
  • Options range from standard to ultimate luxury
  • Sizes range 16’-30’ in length to 8’-10’ wide, and beyond
  • Tons of luxurious options like grills, toilets, platforms, chaise lounges, dinettes, rod holders, bars, lounges, etc 


Trendsetting and Bennington go hand in hand. They’re constructed with more vertical strength than any other pontoon out there and are built to resist twisting and provide a solid, quiet ride. Every piece of these pontoons is designed with you in mind, from the .25” spacers between the rail and the deck to allow for water drainage, to the ergonomic design of the high-density foam chairs and seats you’ll enjoy. 

Check out the latest selection of brand new Bennington pontoons for sale online at Miller Marine, and stop in to see our state-of-the-art indoor showroom.

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