2018 Guide to Pontoon Boats

Posted by: Tyler Netter on May 9, 2018 10:46:00 AM

As the largest Bennington Pontoon dealer in the world, we've worked with a lot of customers to help them find their perfect pontoon. If you are just starting out your search or are in the decision-making process, make sure you've considered everything on this list before you finalize your purchase.

Types of Pontoons Available

Before you choose the right pontoon for you and your family, start by thinking about your lifestyle. How often do you plan on using your pontoon and will you be sharing your time on the water with friends and family? What sized body of water do you plan on taking your boat out on? Will you be using your pontoon to pull the kids behind on a tube? All of these things should factor into your decision when deciding what's right for you. Once you determine the main use of your pontoon boat, consider the different pontoon options.

Motor Sizes

GettyImages-500493677Depending on the type of motor you choose for your pontoon, the price of your boat can fluctuate by thousands of dollars. This is why you'll want to make sure you make an informed decision on the amount of horsepower you will need. If you don't have enough horsepower, you may be limited to what you can do with your pontoon. It is important to match the horsepower with the anticipated load and activity you expect to enjoy aboard your pontoon.

Will you be using your boat to pull skiers? If so, a minimum of 150 hp is recommended. You shouldn't base the horsepower off of one factor, however, since there are many factors that contribute to the overall performance (length of pontoon, size of load, etc). If you are second guessing the minimum horsepower, we'll always suggest jumping to the next highest horsepower motor.

Storage + Seating Options

Having enough storage aboard your pontoon plays an important role in how successful your day on the water is. You'll need plenty of storage for life jackets, a first aid kit, and all of the other necessities a responsible boat owner keeps on board. You will also need additional storage if you plan on using your boat for fishing, hosting friends and family, or just wanting to have some extra blankets on board for a chilly day out on the water. Seating is the second component of a successful day out on the water. You will need to have enough seats on board your pontoon so that all of your guests can ride safely and securely when the boat is in motion. If you never plan on having more than a few people on your boat at one time - having a lot of seats on your boat might not be a big deciding factor for you.

Miller Marine understands that buying a new pontoon is a process, and there is a lot to remember and consider. We've created a helpful checklist you can use to make sure you cover all of your bases when purchasing a new boat. 

Miller Marine New Boat Checklist