10 Amazing Boat Accessories

9 Amazing Boat Accessories

Posted by: Tyler Netter on Aug 30, 2017 2:08:00 PM

These boat accessories are great options to buy for yourself, and they also make fantastic gift ideas for boaters. Check out these boat accessories to see what's worth adding to your cargo.

1. Ultra-Legs

Ultra-Legs are basically a pontoon lift which goes with your pontoon. They allow you to easily and quickly stabilize your pontoon just above the water when you're stopped at restaurants, swimming areas, sandbars, and more. They also act as your dock lift, keeping your pontoon safe even in high winds. They are a great alternative to a lift and can save time and money. It eliminates the traditional installation of a lift in the spring, adjusting the lift with water level changes, and removing from the water in the fall.

2. Tubes and Kneeboards

10-amazing-boat-accessoriesPart of the fun of owning a quality boat is the ability to tow your passengers on tubes and kneeboards. Tubing is a great way to ensure everyone has a great time in the water, and I do mean everyone.

Unlike water skiing (which is very fun), tubing is accessible to people of all ages, sizes, and capabilities. There is little to no learning curve, it's easy to have the little ones ride with a parent or other trusted adult, and the ride can be as gentle or intense as needed.

Kneeboards are another fun towing accessory to add to your boat accessories. They take a little higher skillset than tubes, but they can also add a lot of fun to a weekend at the lake. 

3. Boat BBQ Grills

All that time spent enjoying the water sure can work up an appetite! Luckily, one of the newer innovations in boat accessories can help you get a hot, delicious meal while you're still on the water. Boat BBQ grills come in both gas and charcoal. They also come in different shapes and can be mounted or portable. 

4. Depth/Fish/GPS Finders

In today's world we have technology right at our fingertips and when it comes to boating. The new technology with Depth/Fish/GPS finders offer so much more then they used to, making a person's boating experience much more enjoyable. Now a person is able to charter into unfamiliar territories using the advanced under water mapping systems that show different contours of the lakes, allow you to set way points, and track your trail in-case you need to follow it back. For those who fish, the sky is the limit. These devices offer sonar, chirp sonar, down imaging, side imaging, 360 imaging, and 3D imaging. Whether you're a fair weather boater or avid fisher, there is an option for you. 

5. Lillipad Diving Board

The Lillipad Diving Board is a great way to have extra fun out on the water. These diving boards mount on top of your deck and are sturdy and well-made. Passengers young and old enjoy jumping into the water off of a Lillipad Diving Board. As an added bonus, you'll save on gas by spending less time driving and more time diving. 

6. Floating Mat

Floating water mats are very popular. They're exactly what the name sounds like: a floating mat that is durable, buoyant, and non-absorbant. These mats float on top of the water, and they're great for lounging, playing, and exercising. Another fun thing about floating water mats is that they do not sink, even if they get punctured.

7. LED Lighting

From underdeck lighting, underwater lighting, interior lighting for night fishing, RGB lighting to get the party started, lighted cup holders, or lighted speakers, there are options aplenty.  No matter what type of boat you have, there are lighting options available to brighten up the night on the water. 

8. Sound System

If you've ever been out with or around someone who has a quality marine sound system, I'm sure you remember the experience. You can play clear, balanced, quality music from these stereos, whether you're having a joy ride or cranking up the tunes for a fun (and safe) party on the water. Today's marine stereo systems are durable, built to withstand the elements, and Bluetooth compatible. 

9. Trolling Motor

This last accessory is definitely for the fishers. Adding a trolling motor to your pontoon boat can completely change your fishing experience. There are multiple brands, styles, and features, so be sure to consult someone knowledgeable about pontoon boat fishing before deciding which one to get. 


I hope this list gave you a few ideas for boat accessories to add to your own boat or pontoon and/or some good gift ideas for the boater in your life. If you'd like any assistance choosing the right boat accessories, you can contact Miller Marine's Parts Department

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